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Los Angeles Tax Attorney:

Last year IRS filed tax lien against California Governator. The IRS tax lien against Schwarzenegger sought $79,000 for taxes or penalties related to informational tax returns pursuant to IRC 6721.

Almost a year later, Schwarznegger got his IRS tax lien released. According to TMZ, tax lien filed against the Governor was released last week.

Torrance Tax Attorney – The Internal Revenue Service today urged IRS taxpayers who need additional time to complete their tax returns to submit their requests for an automatic extension electronically by April 15.

The IRS tax extension gives taxpayers until Oct. 15 to file the IRS tax return. An IRS tax extension does not give the IRS taxpayer an extension of time to pay. Those who owe taxes can make a payment when they file the extension either by mailing a check or by several electronic payment methods, such as electronic funds withdrawals from bank accounts and credit card payments.

Some IRS taxpayers can wait until after April 15 to file a return, pay any taxes due and make IRA contributions for 2007. As a general rule, those eligible get the extra time without having to ask for it. Eligible IRS taxpayers include:

Los Angeles Tax Attorney – The Internal Revenue Service today reminded IRS taxpayers and tax lawyers that information about the economic stimulus payment is available in Spanish. Many IRS taxpayers in throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco who speak Spanish can now obtain all IRS payment plan information in their native language.

Information also is available for Spanish-speaking retirees, disabled veterans and low-wage workers who normally do not have a tax filing requirement but must file a tax return this year to receive an economic stimulus payment. All stimulus payment details are available at Centro de Información Sobre los Pagos de Estímulo Económico.

Starting in May, the IRS will issue economic stimulus payments of up to $600 ($1,200 for married couples) for people who have an adjusted gross income of less than $75,000 in adjusted gross income ($150,000 for married couples). There also is a payment of $300 for each qualifying child younger than 17.

California and Hawaii Taxpayers must be careful with their tax preparer or face tax audit or criminal tax problems.

Long Beach Tax Attorney – For many IRS and California FTB taxpayers, this is the beginning of the tax return filing season. California Franchise Tax Board today reminded the more than 9.7 million taxpayers who use tax preparers for the income tax filing season to make sure their preparer is a qualified tax professional. Over the last several years there have been numerous IRS and FTB tax audits and tax court cases which have revealed a continuing pattern of tax fraud by certain tax preparers.

If you have been a victim of tax fraud or are in trouble with the IRS or FTB, you should consider consulting with a tax attorney.

Tax Audit- Independent Contrator or Employee: Factor Test for Payroll Tax Audit or Tax Court Litigation in California.

California Tax Attorney– As IRS and State taxing agencies including California Employment Development Department (EDD) increase tax audit of business payroll records, we are noticing an increased attempts to reclassify indepedent contractors to employee status. Some IRS and EDD tax auditors are taking unilateral determination during the tax audit process that all independent contractors should be treated as employees. The following is a brief summary of common law legal factors to consider in employee vs. independent contractor analysis.

If you are located in the following areas- Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Jose, Oakland, Santa Ana, Irvine and San Francisco, and need to consult with a tax attorney regarding payroll reclassification audit of independent contractor to employee status, contact us at 888 553 8000.

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