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Torrance Tax Attorney – The Internal Revenue Service today urged IRS taxpayers who need additional time to complete their tax returns to submit their requests for an automatic extension electronically by April 15.

The IRS tax extension gives taxpayers until Oct. 15 to file the IRS tax return. An IRS tax extension does not give the IRS taxpayer an extension of time to pay. Those who owe taxes can make a payment when they file the extension either by mailing a check or by several electronic payment methods, such as electronic funds withdrawals from bank accounts and credit card payments.

Some IRS taxpayers can wait until after April 15 to file a return, pay any taxes due and make IRA contributions for 2007. As a general rule, those eligible get the extra time without having to ask for it. Eligible IRS taxpayers include:

Members of the military serving in Iraq, Afghanistan or other combat zone localities. Normally, the postponement is until 180 days after the service member leaves the combat zone.
Disaster-area taxpayers in four states affected by recent floods, storms and tornadoes. The postponement is until May 6 in parts of Illinois, May 19 in parts of Georgia and parts of Missouri and May 27 in parts of Arkansas.

IRS expects to receive 10.3 million extension requests during 2008 compared with 10 million extensions received during 2007. The IRS expects to receive almost 2 million extension requests electronically this year.

Taxpayers can get an automatic six-month extension of time to file their tax returns by filing Form 4868, Automatic Extension of Time to File.

It is also important for extension filers to remember that Oct, 15 is not only the due date for their tax returns, it is also the last date on which a return can be filed that will result in an economic stimulus payment. Taxpayers who file earlier, however, will get their economic stimulus payments sooner.

If you are experiencing tax problems or facing potential criminal investigation by the IRS, you may consider speaking with a tax attorney in the south bay area.

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