Tax Lien Release – California Gov Schwarzenegger Terminates IRS Tax Lien

Los Angeles Tax Attorney:

Last year IRS filed tax lien against California Governator. The IRS tax lien against Schwarzenegger sought $79,000 for taxes or penalties related to informational tax returns pursuant to IRC 6721.

Almost a year later, Schwarznegger got his IRS tax lien released. According to TMZ, tax lien filed against the Governor was released last week.

It’s not clear whether Maria and Arnold paid the taxes or if these taxes and penalties were satisfied through the tax penalty abatement procedure. Regardless, Governor won’t have to worry about IRS seizing his cars or issuing tax levy on his bank accounts this Valentine.


Alleged IRS Tax Code violation fixed.

Now, if his wife stops violating California vehicle code…we’ll all be little safer.

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