Tax Problem in California? Check to see if you owe taxes.

California Franchise Tax Board lists names of individuals and businesses that owe taxes to the state. Top 250 who owe taxes to California FTB

According to the FTB, there are several notable individuals owe a lot of taxes to FTB.
Among the list are O.J. Simpson, the comedian Sinbad, and Dionne Warwick, who owes over $2.7 million.

At the top of the list is a $6.1 million corporate tax delinquency. One other corporate delinquency is in the top 10 highest tax amounts, owing $2.7 million. The remaining eight of the top 10 amounts owed are for personal income tax delinquencies, owing from $2.1 million to $4.4 million. Six of the top ten have California addresses, and four are located out of state.

FTB is required by law to post a list of the 250 state income tax debtors who owe the largest amounts greater than $100,000 in tax, after first notifying them that their delinquencies will become public. Since January 2008, the State has received approximately $4.2 million in payments from taxpayers desiring to keep their names from being posted. More than $500,000 was collected last year when the original list was posted in October.

Taxpayers who do make the list can have their information removed by paying the tax in full, or agreeing to pay by installment. Tax liabilities under appeal, litigation, in bankruptcy proceedings, or under consideration for an Offer in Compromise are not included on the list.

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