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Los Angeles Tax Attorney:

California Income Tax – Franchise Tax Board FTB released
its annual list of top 250 California taxayers who haven’t paid their taxes.

Tax Debt – Top 250 Honor Roll List

Highest Unpaid Tax Debt: $13,120,479 Lowest Unpaid Tax Debt: $ 290,964
Notable Celebrity:
Pamela Anderson (Website:
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Income tax due – $ 493,144.68 – 04/07/2009

According to the Franchise Tax Board FTB ,

Vast majority of individual and business taxpayers file their return and pay their lawful tax liability. Those who fail to pay the taxes they lawfully owe contribute to the tax gap. The tax gap is the difference between what taxpayers owe and what they voluntarily pay. As a result, an increased tax burden is passed on to those who pay what they owe. Closing the tax gap is in the best interest of all Californians.


FTB tries to collect taxes through tax liens, tax levy and wage garnishment. As part of the collection process, FTB annually publish the Delinquent Taxpayers list on their website Franchise Tax Board FTB to “encourage” tax payment compliance.

The FTB list shows the top 250 individual and business taxpayers with state income tax liens where the total balance owed is greater than $100,000. In most instances, taxpayers who owe to the FTB also owe even larger tax debt to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Many of these taxpayers could benefit from either a Tax Bankruptcy or Offer in Compromise to resolve their tax situation.


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