California Sales Tax Audit – California Tax Attorney Guide For BOE Sales Tax Audit of Construction Company

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California Board of Equalization California Sales Tax

Sales Tax for Construction Contractors to US Government Projects

A. MATERIALS AND FIXTURES – U.S. construction contractors are the consumers of materials and fixtures which they furnish and install in the performance of construction contracts with the United States Government. Either the sales tax or the use tax applies with respect to sales of such property to U.S. construction contractors. There is no distinction between the application of tax to materials and fixtures. Only the cost is subject to tax (even though the fixtures are self-manufactured).The sales tax, but not the use tax, applies even though the contractor purchases the property as the agent of the United States.

B. MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT – U.S. construction contractors are retailers of machinery and equipment furnished in connection with the performance of a construction contract with the United States Government. Tax does not apply to sales of machinery and equipment to U.S. contractors or subcontractors, provided title to the property passes to the United States before the contractor makes any use of it. The contractor may issue a resale certificate. However, if the contractor uses the machinery or equipment before passage of title to the United States, then the contractor is the consumer of the machinery or equipment and either sales tax or use tax applies to the sale to or the use by the contractor of the machinery and equipment.

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